And a willingness to change…

What I have observed in my 29 years of clinical experience is that initially and continually, people look for a quick fix.  A magic pill, shot, potion, procedure or person will relieve my pain/suffering or condition.  We are duped into thinking if the initial awareness or body expression/talk is suppressed then healing has occurred.  I […]

Creating Your Anti-Inflammatory Diet Today!

Over 60 known diseases have been linked to chronic inflammation. These are the diseases that will overtake the average American unless we take action today. I’m not going to go into the biochemistry of inflammation and fat/hormone metabolism since that can put even diehard doctors to sleep. Instead, here is a list of Do’s and […]

Are You A Sugar Addict?

To be honest, we all are to some degree. The most common and overlooked habit that could reduce disease manifestation and save countless dollars spent on drugs, surgery, and emergency disease management is sugar addiction. In the past twenty years we as Americans have increased consumption from 20 lbs to 156 lbs – despite public […]

B.E.S.T. Training in Phoenix – May 13, 2010

Would you be interested in learning a technique that works EVERY time? If you answered, “yes” B.E.S.T. Training is the place for you! This 3 day intensive program includes verbal instruction from top notch Master Instructors trained personally by Dr. M.T. Morter, as well as hands-on practical with personal coaching from other B.E.S.T. practitioners. Click […]