Paradigm Shift

1)  We are spiritual beings – energy beings – undergoing a physical experience

A)  Everything physical is temporary and significant from a spiritual eternal perspective only: lessons in virtue

B)  All negative emotions will create interference in my energy field, which will translate to lack of ease in my body since negative emotions interfere with original design.

2)  All human beings at their essence are:





A)  This means we are vulnerable to information threw the senses, programming our perceptions and beliefs long before we are conscious enough to discern truth from falsehood

B)  So the hardware of the computer is pure & pristine, naive & ignorant, while the software may contain erroneous data about:  Self, God, Others, Life – that can cause false interpretation of data and lead to desire and fear

3)  All suffering comes from the perspective that my safety, happiness, value, esteem and worth are from an external source of location, where in reality happiness is from an internal & eternal source.

A)  This leads to looking for happiness, esteem, value and safety external to self.

B)  Becoming alienated from our true self

C)  Developing a persona or mask for others to see, and to live by with it’s inherent cravings, desires and fears.

4)  The suffering that occurs is a result of negative thinking and emoting from false beliefs, which trigger autonomic imbalances, hormonal changes and immune dysfunction: interference with Original Design.

A)  This creates awareness and the opportunity to change – grow and evolve in growth of self, practice of virtue and love of all.

5)  B.E.S.T. treatment removes interference in the body, mind, memory and energy field, allowing update of the nervous system and appropriate need.  Homework in forgiveness, compassion, conflict resolution, giving thanks and learning the lesson of the moment all allow for positive changes in the mind and field which does not interfere with Original Design.

Practicing the 6 essentials allows for self honoring and health which is a spring board for service to humanity! :)

In Health & Service,

Dr. Roland Phillips