Whats Wrong With Milk ? I Thought It Was The Perfect Food?

Well maybe.  For some people it’s OK, yet for people with behavioral problems, allergies, autism, asthma, Asberger’s Syndrome and a variety of other disorders an allergy to the protein in milk called casein may be the problem.   Although it may cause many health issues it also has an opiate-like calming effect – which may explain why so many people crave milk, chocolate, cheese and dairy products.  Whats going on is people are using food instead of their free will and intellect to regulate themselves and calm down.  Which indicates they are in a state of fight or flight when there is no actual threat.

What about kids?  I always ask what’s going on in the home. There could be a trigger with parents, siblings, friends, stress levels, parent’s stress levels, etc., that predisposes a child to hypersensitivity or the illusion of over-responsibility.

Casein is also a binding agent, so it can be found in glue, paint, nail polish, and even in cosmetics.  So if you have these symptoms and notice you go to cheese or dairy products when you “need to calm down,” you may want to avoid dairy ( which is also currently laden with various synthetic hormones to increase the size of the animals) since the processing of milk only concentrates the casein.

Rice milk and coconut milk may be a suitable substitute. Here’s a list to look at to see if you could benefit.


_Asberger’s Syndrome

-Atypical Autism



-Any Inflammatory Condition

-Ear/Tonsil Infections



-Childhood Diabetes

-Iron Deficiency Anemia

-Occult GI Bleeding

Avoid: Milk, cream, ice ,cream, half-half, yogurt, butter, cream cheese, chocolate, creamed soup, pudding.

Substitute: Rice, soy/potato based milk, mocha mix, coconut butter, Tofutti brand product, Sunbelt/Italian ice, Imagine brand soups.

See our blogs on the 6 essentials for dietary changes and supplements.  Lately we have helped many people with “allergies to casein” simply by updating their functional neurology and memory patterns with B.E.S.T. treatments only! Call today :)

In Health & Service,

Dr. Roland Phillips BA, BS, D.C.