Your Health – Your Choice

Dr. Dean Ornish & Colleagues found that comprehensive lifestyle changes altered gene expression in patients  with prostate cancer.  Over 500 genes changed genes changed their expression due to diet, meditation and other lifestyle habits.

Consider these statistics

–  In a study of 89,941 nurses with type II diabetes, over 16 years, authors found 91% could be attributed to habits.

–  Health care costs could be cut by $24 billion if Americans took just four supplements over the next five years!       Can anyone say Alka Green?

–  Hyman, Ornish and Roizen reported results of the EPIC study involving 23,00 subjects: 4 simple behaviors and habits; diet, exercise, body fat, not smoking affected health positively.  By adhering to lifestyle changes, 93% of diabetes, 81% heart attack, 50% strokes and 38% of all cancers were prevented.

So we can see it’s not just about acute pain or symptom management, but overall lifestyle coaching that is available though weekly/monthly B.E.S.T. care and homework that will make the true difference in your health quality, and quantity.

In Health & Service,

Dr. Roland Phillips