Questioning the Safety of Mammogram’s

Dr. H. Gilbert Welch MD, MPH in the New England Journal of Medicine  in his article “Screening Mammography- A Long Run for a Short Slide”, Sept. 23, 2010, wrote “It is estimated that for one woman to avoid dying from Breast Cancer, up to 1,000 women will have at least 1 false positive test, half […]

Do You Have an Alkaline Mineral Deficiency?

When we respond to life inappropriately; as if it is an event to control, dominate, or avoid we become stuck in the Sympathetic portion of the Autonomic Nervous System.  This system is primarily one of intense physical work, athletics or survival based activities.  Many reactions occur in our bodies with the end result being one of […]

Chronic Stress: You May Want to Consider Thyroid & Adrenal Support

What is chronic stress?  It is work, kids, spouse, the economy, the middle east? No, a stress response is a reaction by our subconscious mind of perceived threat.  Seeing a tiger, a burning building, hearing a rattlesnake, these are all a real threat to survival.  They are dealt with immediately or you perish.  Chronic stress […]

G.M.O: Friend or Foe?

Genetically modified foods came about in the early 90’s.  Interestingly enough that was when I noticed in my practice that peoples health problems began to accelerate.  These altered crops promised to be: -higher yielding -feed the hungry -require less water, resistant to drought -added vitamins to yield more nutrition -resistant to pests -no different from […]