My Body is the Result of My Habits

We live in a country and society with  more Allopathic (Medical Doctors), physicians, pharmaceutical companies, prescription drugs, OTC drugs and hospitals, yet it seems we are no better overall as a nation than we were 10-15-20 years ago.

Does throwing more drugs, money or surgery at our health challenges make sense when it hasn’t worked in the past?  We are 32 in the world in mortality rate, when compared to 1st world countries.

Perhaps a change in thinking/context may help us.  Instead of looking at the body as bad/imperfect, something separate from ourselves, and cutting it/drugging it and then perceiving we are being victimized by it… Maybe I’m the true perpetrator/oppressor and my body is just the result of my habits!

Here’s a new study from “The Spine”, Jan 2012.  Analysis from 1998 to 2008 reveals an alarming rate of increase in the following surgeries, indicating a need for re-contextualization of health (NOT) disease care:

Spinal Fusion: up 137%

Laminectories: up 11.3%

Hip Replacement: up 49.1%

Knee Arthroplasty: up 168.8%

Percutaneous Cornoary Angioplasty: up 38.8%

So we need to take a good look at our 6 Essential Choices and decide where the imbalance is coming from!

In Health & Service,

Dr. Roland F. Phillips BA,BS, D.C.