Adrenal Exhaustion: The Single Greatest Link To A Dis-Ease (lack of ease in life)

The adrenal glands are our fight flight glands; the stress glands.  They are closely associated with the adductor muscle group; gastronemius, gracillus, soleus and satorius muscles.  So any pain, dysfunction, mechanical injury to the lower back and extremities needs to be looked at as possible link to adrenal over reaching.  The Triple Heater meridian (thyroid) […]

Dentistry And Amalgan Filling: FINALLY!

In June of 2009 the FDA finally decided that amalgam fillings which contain mercury, may be dangerous to our health. You think! The FDA cautioned these fillings may pose a risk “to developing fetuses, pregnant women and those people who are particularly sensitive to mercury.”  Let me add that everyone is always replacing old cells […]