The Top Ways You Can Reduce Your Risk Of Cancer

Here’s the statistics from The National Cancer Institute Surveillance Epidemiology and End Results. 2009 –  766,130 men, 713,220 women diagnosed with cancer. What can you do today to reduce risk? 1.  Decrease body weight – Increase veggies, fruits & nuts – Drink R.O. water – Aerobic exercise 2.  Reduce toxic load – Cut out sugar, […]

What To Know About Breast Cancer, Broccoli and Your Health

The science of Epigenetics tells us that the brain of the cell is the cell wall and that the nucleus (center) of the cell containing the DNA is the reproductive center of the cell.  Environment plays the key part in determining, through interaction with the cell wall, what genes will be activated and what will […]

What Are the Top Healing Foods That Are Helpful In Cancer Prevention?

At Desert Dove Health & Wellness Center we are about empowering our clients with the truth: the truth about our 6 essential choices! What I Eat What I Drink What/How I breathe What/How I exercise How I sleep What/How I think An error in any one category can potentially affect the other five. According to […]