Sagging Libido? Maybe It’s Time To Change

It is estimated that men loose up to 2 % of their testosterone, the libido producing hormone, every year past 40 and women also experience changes in estrogen and testosterone as they approach menopause.  So what’s the answer?  Who wants to have the side effects of Viagra, (sudden vision loss, stroke, 4 hr erection, etc.) […]

Healthy Diet – Healthy Work

Eating junk food from vending machines at work, coffee and smoking are all stimulating substances that will give you a quick boost of energy, yet at a tremendous toxic cost to our bodies.  Our bodies need pure food, water, exercise, breathing, meaningful thinking/emotions, to be healthy and vibrant. Research was done on worker productivity and […]

What Are the Top Healing Foods That Are Helpful In Cancer Prevention?

At Desert Dove Health & Wellness Center we are about empowering our clients with the truth: the truth about our 6 essential choices! What I Eat What I Drink What/How I breathe What/How I exercise How I sleep What/How I think An error in any one category can potentially affect the other five. According to […]