Here’s Your Sign!

People often come in my office and report “Doc I’m stressed out!”  Listening with compassion I often respond, there’s no such thing as “stressed out”, in reality it is truly “what are you resisting in your life.”  Whats the lesson of the moment that I am just not getting?

For if I don’t get the lesson (which is always a higher way of seeing myself & others and implementing the lesson with gratitude) the lesson repeats in my life with more frequency and or intensity.  The difficulty is that the lesson doesn’t always appear the same way every time.  One time it’s a broken water heater, next it’s a business deal gone awry, next it’s an ache or pain, next it’s a relationship not going as expected, and the story goes on and on.  Life keeps giving us an opportunity to learn the lesson until we get it and move on with gratitude.  If we don’t learn the lesson we get more of what we don’t want and less of what we do want!

Here’s a short list to increase your awareness of what’s in your sub-conscious brain/memory:

1.  Bouts of repeated thoughts & emotions that seem to come out of nowhere or are just not appropriate in intensity for life now i.e. criticism, scorn, anger, obsessions, cravings, fears, anxieties, regrets, hopelessness, self-blame… etc.

2.  Repetitive ailments: Any musculo-skeletal complaint, immune related (colds & viruses), inflammatory disorders and female menstrual/hormonal disorders are all a subtle wake-up call.  Are you answering the door? Or shutting it closed with denial, judgment, drugs, addictions?

3.  Insomnia, Indigestion,Fatigue,Poor memory/Concentration:  If this sound like you or any one you know, here’s what you can do today to feel better tomorrow.  Make a list of any person, place, event, circumstance, situation (yourself included) of anytime you felt let down, disappointed, life/others/self didn’t go as expected, betrayed, violated etc..  Take the one that is the most emotionally charged and journal on the 5 step healing process of forgiveness-learning the lesson – gratitude, as described by Dr. MT Morter in his book “Soul Purpose”.

I am intentionally leaving this process out of the blog, to inspire you to call our office and order this great book, to begin to “stress less” today! (480)899-3683

In Health & Service,

Dr. Roland F. Phillips BA, BS, D.C.