The Buzz About Nuking Your Food!

I understand we are a nation all about convenience and that everyone has a full plate in all areas of their lives.  We may want to consider how our habits (The 6 Essential Choices- what we: eat drink breathe and how we exercise rest & think) and beliefs, which are mostly formed by age 7 through other peoples opinions, have long term affects on our bodies.

Take microwaving food.  It’s not going to kill you like cyanide or any other poisoning.  Yet studies suggest over periods of time microwaving plastics can agitate the plastic molecule and release carcinogens and endocrine disruptors.   In the peer review “Environmental Health Perspective Journal” 455 common food holding products were subjected to microwaving & dish washing.  95% tested positive for endocrine disruptors- substances & chemicals that disrupt the function of the endocrine & hormonal systems.  To better understand endocrine disruption see previous blogs or consider everything we do is heavily influenced by our hormonal system.

Most health issues in our office involve this system to some degree.  The problem is that it may take many years to accumulate into a thyroid imbalance, or weight, or type II diabetes.  By that time it will take a lot of effort to clean the system out.  In this case an ounce of prevention is definitely worth it.


In Health & Service,


Dr. Roland F. Phillips BA, BS, D.C.