Using Nightmares and Adversities as a Launching Pad to Your Success

“The only way that a person can have the life of their dreams is by first taking complete personal responsibility” – Dr Roland Phillips. One good way to understand success is by considering an exact opposite and that is somebody going to jail. When a person has a need to go to jail, it means […]

Creating A Life That You Desire Using BEST

The difference between what we do in a BEST office and what is done in an allopathic model primarily is that in BEST we are a coach and a teacher and the technique is secondary. BEST is a quantum technique (look for an explanation towards the end of this blog.) In contrast when we talk […]

Why Should I Practice Healthy Choices in My 6 Essentials (eat, drink, breathe, exercise, sleep, think)

Here is a short list 1.  Your mind matters: Clear it out and quicken your mind. 2.  Balance your emotions and moods: Resistance to life’s lessons is futile! 3.  Chronic aches and pains seem to vanish miraculously: There is no cure for healing, choose healthy habits and healing occurs on its own! 4.  Hereditary, disease […]

Your Health – Your Choice

Dr. Dean Ornish & Colleagues found that comprehensive lifestyle changes altered gene expression in patients  with prostate cancer.  Over 500 genes changed genes changed their expression due to diet, meditation and other lifestyle habits. Consider these statistics –  In a study of 89,941 nurses with type II diabetes, over 16 years, authors found 91% could […]