Do You Want To Be Healthy, Happy & Successful? Practice Virtue, Release Vice!

After over 30 years as a practicing physician I have come to the conclusion that most suffering, symptoms, and disease are self imposed.  It may be our naive ignorance or arrogance.  It may be our culture, family, personal history or our inheritance from our species.  Yet when I have talked to other holistic health physicians, […]

My Body is the Result of My Habits

We live in a country and society with  more Allopathic (Medical Doctors), physicians, pharmaceutical companies, prescription drugs, OTC drugs and hospitals, yet it seems we are no better overall as a nation than we were 10-15-20 years ago. Does throwing more drugs, money or surgery at our health challenges make sense when it hasn’t worked […]

Some Common Drugs and the Nutrients They Deplete From the Body

1.  Asprin, Aluminum based antacids – folate, thiamin, magnesium, phosphates, potassium 2.  Glucocorticoids: Dexamethasone, Prednisone, Indomethacin, Methotrexiate – amino acids, asorbic acid, magensium, potassium, zinc, folate 3.  Anticonvulsants, phenobarbitol, phenytoin, primidone – vitamin D , vitamin K 4.  Bile Acid Sequestrants: clofibrate, colestipol. Biguanides: metformin. Anti-Inflamatories: azufidine, sulfasalazine – vitamin A, vitamin B-12 5.  Proton […]

Happy or Joyful or Grateful Living… For No Reason

In her book, “Happy For No Reason”, Marci Shimoff shares stories of various individuals from what she calls “the happy 100”. In our practice one of the primary points of focus in care is to create a paradigm shift.  If we can not communicate and lead people to the perspective that we are spiritual beings […]