Dr. Phillips Partners with Liv International

I discuss Key components to health and fitness programs. Is your health where you want it to be? Do you desire increased metabolism, recovery time and flexibility? Amino Acids are key.
Helpful when using “GO”




What you need to know to put out the fire within. Inflammation is a key factor in the dis-ease and disease process. I discuss inflammation causes and solutions.
Helpful when using “Liv Skinny” and “Skinny Mist”




The power of chlorophyllin and fulvic minerals. Is acidity of your tissues creating a health time bomb? I discuss where body acidity comes from and actions to aid body alkalinity, increasing overall health and wellness.
Helpful when using “Liv Skinny”



For more information about the Liv International product line and to purchase a copy of these brochures, please contact our office at 480-899-3683.