Mind-Body-Spirit: A Closer Look

In order for us to be healthy we must look at what science now tells us and what various spiritual philosophy have told us for millennium.  We are one being and to be healthy we must honor and respect the mind,  nourish the body and honor the spirit.  To do otherwise is to invite symptoms and suffering.  According to a study by Booth et al, in the Journal of Applied Physiology 3-30-2002, “There is now unequivocal evidence in the literature supporting the notion that all environmental factors combined, including physical inactivity, account for the majority of chronic health conditions.”

Scandinavian studies show that 58 -100 % of site specific cancers had an environmental origin.  Harvard’s center for cancer preventions report in 1996 estimates that of all cancer deaths, 30% are due to tobacco use, 30% to adult diet and obesity, 5% due to occupational factors and 2% due to pollution.  A total of 91% of type II diabetes and 82% of coronary artery disease in 84,000 nurses can be attributed to habits (see six essential choices) and so-called high risk behavior- i.e. body mass > 25, low intake of vegetable/fibers, high polyunsaturated fat/trans-fat, high gycemic load, smoking and inactive lifestyle.

So what the studies and statistics and leading Epigeneticist’s (Bruce Lipton PHD) are telling us is the majority of deaths from chronic health conditions in the U.S. are of environmental origin – our choices and habits.

My question to you is are you just interested in your health, happiness and success? You’ll fold/quit as soon as obstacles create discomfort.  Or are you passionately committed to do whatever it takes, whenever, however, with no attachment to outcome, to be abundantly healthy, happy and successful.

If you think you can, you’re right. If you think you can’t, you’re also right !  The choice is yours !

In Health & Service,

Dr. Roland F. Phillips