1. How is Desert Dove different from a medical doctor?

Medical doctors are concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and removal of symptoms and symptom complexes, which are commonly categorized as diseases. Medicine takes apart the body and creates specialties for each part. It adheres to Newtonian philosophy which says the whole is made up of a sum of it’s parts. Each part is made up of smaller parts. If we can control the parts, we can control the system. Drugs are utilized to control the body by increasing, decreasing or stopping a body function.

Desert Dove views the body as a perfect expression of input given and choices made. How we eat, breath, drink, rest, exercise, and think effects are current health state and level of balance or imbalance- harmony or dis-ease. Our body’s purpose and design is survival. Symptoms are a perfect expression of a body in a state of survival. Remove the root cause of the imbalance/interference and the body heals and repairs itself.


2. How is Desert Dove different from other chiropractic clinics?

There is no “popping and cracking” here at Desert Dove Health & Wellness Center. Through a mind/body technology called Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.), reflex points are held on the skull and the body in coordination with breath and memory experiences to release defense physiology, freeing the body to return to its original design of self regulating, repairing and maintaining.

A crucial part of increasing health and balance at a faster rate is “homework”, i.e. developing different habits and choices. Specific breathing exercises along with journaling, and an exercise called The Morter March are a few of the “assignments” given to each client.


3. How many visits to your practice do I make before my health problem is solved?

Most people notice a change in some area of their body within the first three to five visits; energy, digestion, sleep patterns, ranges of motion, attitude perceptions, etc. However, some chronic issues are resolved with a more intensive schedule of care.

Ultimately, healing depends on the severity of the injury or the chronicity of the problem, the toxicity of the body, and the patient’s willingness to do homework and change their lifestyle.


4. Does your practice accept insurance?

Desert Dove Health Alliance is a Private Healthcare Membership Association. This means we are a Private Health Club and to be seen by Dr. Phillips or an associate you must be a member. This also means we do not accept any insurance and do not provide any diagnosis or Chiropractic procedural codes. For more info on what this entails refer to our Membership Contract.


5. I have heard that when you start working with a Chiropractor, you have to keep coming many times a week forever. Are you like that?

Most of our clients improve 80 to 90% in the first 4-6 weeks. It is our goal as a clinic to help all of our clients achieve wellness, which means changing a lifestyle pattern to truly heal. Follow-up care may be needed for any residual or chronic and repeated patterns of symptoms when necessary.

6. How long will my first visit take?

The first visit typically lasts 90 minutes. During the visit, we’ll assemble a comprehensive case history through an examination, extended consultation with Dr. Phillips and treatment.