About Desert Dove

As a Holistic Healthcare Clinic, our purpose is to educate our clients in the care of the human body and mind, in diet, and ensuring excellence in health choices.  We help our clients understand that their body’s healing power is inside them and how to access that healing power through the removal of “interference”.  We also aim to coach each person that walks through our doors on how to heal from the inside out through treatments at our clinic and homework.

How We Deal with Symptoms

Dr. Phillips utilizes B.E.S.T. – Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (Video: Learn More about B.E.S.T.) an advanced holistic non-force technique and Individualized Nutritional Support to allow the suspension of symptoms.  Dr. Phillips sees symptoms as a “wake up call for change”.  If the light(s) on your cars dashboard turn on you wouldn’t treat the dashboard, would you?

A critical part of care at Desert Dove is to educate and coach each client in the Six Essential Choices that we make each day, either leading to health or dis-ease:

  1. What We Eat
  2. What we Drink
  3. How we Breathe
  4. How we Rest
  5. How we Exercise
  6. How we Think

How and what we think is more important than all the others combined.  Science now tells us that emotions create specific hormones that in turn affect our body’s performance (we are constantly thinking & emoting 24/7). By getting at the cause of these specific emotional states our clients are able to unlock the emotional patterns and unleash the healing power that is inside every one of us.

Complications arise when the body is out of balance.  Some common indications of a body out of balance include:

  1. Sluggish thyroid
  2. Back and joint pain
  3. Stubborn weight
  4. Sleep disturbances
  5. Depression
  6. Hormonal Imbalances
  7. Fatigue
  8. PMS

Whole Food / Nutrition

Desert Dove offers a wide variety of high quality, organic, whole-food supplementation in conjunction with advanced mind-body balancing. This whole-food nutrition supports and strengthens body tissue, bio-meridians and organs to restore health.

Sometimes a person will need more than just chiropractic adjustments to assist the body’s healing. By incorporating whole-food supplements, the patient is able to achieve a more complete state of well being: mentally, emotionally and physically.

Specific organ support can be a crucial part of restoring health and balance to the body’s total system.


The human body is electromagnetic in nature and functions best in a slightly alkaline internal environment. Eastern Medicine for thousands of years has recognized the electrical nature of the human being and the universe. Physicians and healers of many cultures have long known that the cause of physical, mental or emotional health problems are due to energy imbalances which lead to disease. Dr. M.T. Morter, Jr.’s extensive research on pH documents that our body requires a certain pH to function optimally. Here at Desert Dove, our focus is to remove interference and allow the power that created the body to heal the body. We track our progress with HRV (heart rate variability) monitoring, pH testing of both urine and saliva, blood pressure checks lying down and standing, range of motion and symptom survey.