Heal Your Body Naturally

Every day we are faced with choices in each of the 6 Essential Areas that can lead to health and happiness or disease and symptoms.

Our purpose is to educate our clients in the care of the human body and mind, in diet, and ensuring excellence in health wholeness. As a Holistic Chiropractor, Dr. Phillips helps his clients understand that their body’s healing power is inside them and how to access that healing power through the removal of “interference”.

Client: Joseph S.

What was your condition?
Severe congestion in nose, chest and lungs; croupy cough and dark circles under both eyes.

What steps had you taken previously to get help?
E.R. for rapid breathing plus breathing treatments with albuteral at home when severe. Previous to that was a steroid shot for strider breathing associated with croup.

How long have you been a patient? How have you improved?
Off and on since 1998/99. More recently for the past three months or so and all symptoms have been relieved!

In your words, what did Dr. Phillips do?
Really brought Joseph out of a crisis and back to symptom free health.

Words of encouragement to others:
This has always been a benefit to our family!

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