Want Some Awareness? Ask Yourself These Questions.

  1. What’s on my mind? State it!
  2. How do I feel about this?
  3. How does this serve me now?  What do I get out of this?(What is the attraction?) What do I get away from, from this? (What is the aversion?)
  4. When have I seen this pattern in my life before?  How did it serve me then?
  5. Who modeled this for me?  How did I identify with them thru this?  Why did I never want to act like them?
  6. Is it really true what I believe about me now? About them now?

So what is the next step?

Take charge of what I have stewardship over.  Does it serve others, the all my true self?

Let the thought go and move on in your day grateful for the opportunity to learn the lesson of the moment.

Hint: This is a great journaling exercise to go through :)

In Health & Service,

Dr. Roland F. Phillips BA.BS. D.C.