Want Some Awareness? Ask Yourself These Questions.

What’s on my mind? State it! How do I feel about this? How does this serve me now?  What do I get out of this?(What is the attraction?) What do I get away from, from this? (What is the aversion?) When have I seen this pattern in my life before?  How did it serve me […]

Do My Feelings Really Matter?

One of the greatest determinants of health or disease in a person is their attitude about themselves, others and life.  When I say attitude I mean their subconscious beliefs.  These are programmed between 0-7 yrs of age and may not be very accurate, yet become the baseline for evaluating ourselves, others and life without questioning […]

Is There A Relationship Between My Teeth, My Organs And The Electrical Systems Of My Body???

According to Thomas Rau, M.D. at The Paralysis Clinic in Lustmuhle, Switzerland, for every tooth there are neurologic connections and Oriental health connections to organs called meridians- energy pathways throughout the body. I recently had 3 clients with facial pain originating at the level of a tooth.  All 3 were referred out to their local dentists.  […]

Do You Bottle Up Your Emotions???

How we perceive and respond to life’s challenges and opportunities to grow are derived from basic beliefs.  These beliefs we are told are imprinted into our brains between 0-7 years of age.  If an external experience or stimulus is congruent with the internal belief, there is no tension, resistance , fight or flight response.  However […]