Morter Health Alliance Affirmation

Today is a great day and I have the opportunity to show up as the BEST me ever! My life is a HUGE success! My beliefs create my reality I think BIG thoughts Relish small pleasures and handle all setbacks gracefully I am deeply grateful for all I create and receive My life is now […]


We proudly offer Dr. Phillips’ CD’s discussing Addictions, Thoughts, Nutrition, Goal Setting and Chlorophyll & Fulvic Minerals and educational pamplets on a number of topics. Much more coming soon! In Health & Service, Dr. Roland F. Phillips BA., BS., D.C.

4 Common Symptoms and What You Can Do About Them

Osteoporosis:  De-mineralization of the bone resulting in fractures A) Excess protein consumption- reduce protein to 40 grams a day. B) Increase green veggies for minerals, vitamins and co-factors. C) Get active- send a jarring stimulus into the joints and bones by weight bearing activities: walking, running, Pilate’s, aerobics.  (studies of professional cyclists is Europe reveal […]

Your Mind is Your Business!

What I observe daily within my own mind and that of my clients is how easily we are distracted from being present, now.  And how quick we are in “sticking our noses” into other peoples business, yet not paying attention to what is directly facing me in my life.  I know firsthand, of a person who […]