Acidosis: A True Cause of Weight Gain and Disease

Dr. MT Morter Jr., past president of two Chiropractic Colleges and founder/developer of B.E.S.T. (Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique), for over 30 years has spoken on the importance of alkalizing our body and buffering the ill effects of toxic acids. Research at the University of San Francisco Department of Medicine by Dr.’s Lynda Frassetto and Anthony […]

Alkalizing For Your Health!!

We are acid by function.  Everything we do creates metabolic acid that that needs to be buffered for our bodies to be healthy.  Yet we are alkaline by design (intelligent design) and we are healthier when we are choosing alkaline choices! What does this mean?  We live in a society which promotes the S.A.D.- the […]

4 Common Symptoms and What You Can Do About Them

Osteoporosis:  De-mineralization of the bone resulting in fractures A) Excess protein consumption- reduce protein to 40 grams a day. B) Increase green veggies for minerals, vitamins and co-factors. C) Get active- send a jarring stimulus into the joints and bones by weight bearing activities: walking, running, Pilate’s, aerobics.  (studies of professional cyclists is Europe reveal […]

Do You Have an Alkaline Mineral Deficiency?

When we respond to life inappropriately; as if it is an event to control, dominate, or avoid we become stuck in the Sympathetic portion of the Autonomic Nervous System.  This system is primarily one of intense physical work, athletics or survival based activities.  Many reactions occur in our bodies with the end result being one of […]