Acidosis: A True Cause of Weight Gain and Disease

Dr. MT Morter Jr., past president of two Chiropractic Colleges and founder/developer of B.E.S.T. (Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique), for over 30 years has spoken on the importance of alkalizing our body and buffering the ill effects of toxic acids. Research at the University of San Francisco Department of Medicine by Dr.’s Lynda Frassetto and Anthony […]

Think Veggies – Think Alkaline!

Did you know that if you fill your plate with these and other vegetables you are filling your internal bank account (alkaline reserve) with countless riches (vitamins, minerals, co-factors, enzymes, etc) for future usage? Cabbage: 1 cup has 96% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin K (clotting) and 50% of the recommended daily amount […]