Fall Liver Cleanse

The change of season is a great time to cleanse your liver, bowels and elimination systems.  Detox before the holidays and make sure your body can handle any indiscretions or over indulgences and keep yourself feeling great! Check out our Liver Cleanse here! Liver CleanseIn Health & Service,Dr. Roland F. Phillips D.C.       […]

Acidosis: A True Cause of Weight Gain and Disease

Dr. MT Morter Jr., past president of two Chiropractic Colleges and founder/developer of B.E.S.T. (Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique), for over 30 years has spoken on the importance of alkalizing our body and buffering the ill effects of toxic acids. Research at the University of San Francisco Department of Medicine by Dr.’s Lynda Frassetto and Anthony […]

Some Quick Tips Which May Get You Off Your Health Plateau Or Persistant Symptom

1.  Eat 3 times a day; if you are eating 6-8 x a day you have a blood sugar/adrenal imbalance that needs to be addressed.  By eating 3x a day you will allow time to detoxify and burn fat in between meals. 2.  I always recommend making your larger meals at breakfast or lunch, giving […]