Fall Liver Cleanse

The change of season is a great time to cleanse your liver, bowels and elimination systems.  Detox before the holidays and make sure your body can handle any indiscretions or over indulgences and keep yourself feeling great! Check out our Liver Cleanse here! Liver CleanseIn Health & Service,Dr. Roland F. Phillips D.C.       […]

Healthier Snacks: For Kids & Adults

It’s obvious that there is a health problem in America.  The major diseases of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, auto immune/inflammation and obesity are increasing despite more money, drugs and therapeutics being thrown at the problem to fight it. Perhaps fighting a symptom or trying to fix it is a form of resistance, which generates more […]

Healthy Diet – Healthy Work

Eating junk food from vending machines at work, coffee and smoking are all stimulating substances that will give you a quick boost of energy, yet at a tremendous toxic cost to our bodies.  Our bodies need pure food, water, exercise, breathing, meaningful thinking/emotions, to be healthy and vibrant. Research was done on worker productivity and […]

Nutrition Basics – What to Work on Daily

Reduce refined foods until there are no more in the house, then do not re-stock. Refined: anything processed, white, “enriched,” etc. Increase organic fruits and veggies, whole grains. Decrease anything that comes from animals to one meal a day. Not simply meat or beef but fowl and fish: if it had a face it’s an […]