Using Nightmares and Adversities as a Launching Pad to Your Success

“The only way that a person can have the life of their dreams is by first taking complete personal responsibility” – Dr Roland Phillips. One good way to understand success is by considering an exact opposite and that is somebody going to jail. When a person has a need to go to jail, it means […]

Go Fish!

We’re all familiar with multiple studies that demonstrate how fish or fish oil, as a regular part of our diet, can reduce the chance of dying from heart disease by one third.  Other research studies have linked fish consumption to lowered levels of strokes, depression, Alzheimer’s and many other chronic conditions. Most recently a December […]

Pass Up The Paxil and Go for a Walk

Researchers analyzing 718 depressed patients deemed Anti-Depressant drugs not much more effective than placebos in relieving non-severe symptoms.  These findings combined with a myriad of side effects, may help mild to moderate cases of depression to reconsider Allopathic care. It is known that a proper diet (see previous blogs), exercise, breathing exercises and forgiveness homework […]

4 Common Symptoms and What You Can Do About Them

Osteoporosis:  De-mineralization of the bone resulting in fractures A) Excess protein consumption- reduce protein to 40 grams a day. B) Increase green veggies for minerals, vitamins and co-factors. C) Get active- send a jarring stimulus into the joints and bones by weight bearing activities: walking, running, Pilate’s, aerobics.  (studies of professional cyclists is Europe reveal […]