Using Nightmares and Adversities as a Launching Pad to Your Success

“The only way that a person can have the life of their dreams is by first taking complete personal responsibility” – Dr Roland Phillips.
One good way to understand success is by considering an exact opposite and that is somebody going to jail. When a person has a need to go to jail, it means that their life has become so unmanageable, their sense of what is healthy and what is not;  what they are responsible for, and what they are not responsible for, is so skewed, that for the greater good of society, the society intervenes and sequesters them away.
Ideally the person learns their lesson while they are in intervention. The problem is that many times when a person goes to jail, they are put into a focus group on how to become a better criminal. And still whether to become a better criminal is a personal choice.
Many people who go to jail, learn their lesson and become a better person and a productive member of society because they have taken complete personal responsibility and learned their lesson.
What are a few ways to overcome adversity you ask?
If it is on the outside of your own skin and is stressful or upsetting to you-let it go (Indy), you have no control over others and most circumstances.  Forgive the upsetting factor and choose to move on in peace and happiness. Find a picture in your minds eye of peace/love/happiness etc. of a personal experience you have had and focus on that picture all day long if you have to.  The feeling of stress or anxiety or depression will eventually melt away if you have your mind focus on something else for long enough.  :)
Remember- what others think about me is none of my business.  When one door closes, another opens :)
Exercise – Go for a walk. Walk it out.
Google or YouTube the EmPower March (Morter March).  Doing this exercise daily will greatly improve your bodies ability to heal itself.
Get it all out on paper!   Journaling on a life event, stressful situation or just your general perception of reality will help your mind (conscious & unconscious) release the negative pattern that is causing your body to be tense and give you symptoms.   Writing involves many different parts of the brain and allows you to go much deeper.
Allow yourself to perceive life’s challenges as opportunities for growth.   We can’t grow if we are comfortable.  Growth comes from taking action and making corrections if said action isn’t taking you where you want to be.
Breathe.  Take a deep breath from your abdomen (not shoulders) and allow yourself to feel whatever it is you are perceiving as negative on the breath in and release whatever it may be on the breath out.  Repeat this until you actually feel shift in your emotional state.
Adversities and nightmares in life are interventions, what matters is the choices that we make and the lessons that we learn from them. Both choices and lessons in the end determine who we become and what we are able to create in our life.
In Health & Service,
Dr. Roland F. Phillips Jr. BA, BS, D.C.