Your Mind is Your Business!

What I observe daily within my own mind and that of my clients is how easily we are distracted from being present, now.  And how quick we are in “sticking our noses” into other peoples business, yet not paying attention to what is directly facing me in my life.  I know firsthand, of a person who developed a form of  skin cancer on their nose as a result of being “nosey” and being thin-skinned when things didn’t turn out as desired.

It seems we can have a negative bias; the predisposition to see the negative in ourselves, others and life.  Thus by the law of like attracting like, I see and attract more of what I don’t want and don’t like in life.

In the book “Awakening Joy” by James Baraz, he explains that our “brains can be like Velcro” for negative experiences.  If you read various philosophers and authors (spiritual, psychological, philosophical) there seems to be a tendency for us to go negative as human beings.  What I believe this means is we all have ego’s that are extremely narcissistic; and the easiest way for my ego to grow is through fixating on the drama of the old story of “not enough”.  Life is never enough, God’s not enough…etc. just observe your mind and you’ll be aware of this familiar jingle.

Here’s some helpful hints on how to re-train your brain (neuroplasticity: new brain pathways by you changing your choices)!

1.  Keep a forgiveness/lesson journal: begin with forgiveness and end with gratitude, then implement the lesson concretely in your life.

2.  Get rest.

3.  Get exercise. Regularly/routinely : breathe (from deep in the abdomen, not shoulders, and in through the nose and out through the mouth) and be thankful/grateful for freely moving physically and mentally through all of life’s moments.

4.  Make a list of 3 passions in your life i.e relationships, finances, health.  Once you know what your passion looks and feels like only take inspired action that will create that passion in your life.  Release and bless all other thoughts, people and activities that don’t fit your passion as meaningless distractions.