Your Blood Sugar and Your Health

If there is one consistent factor we find in our clinic and many others like ours upon symptom questionnaire and diagnostic testing it is Blood Sugar Imbalance. It is all too pervasive in our society, regardless of what you are aware of as far as your current symptomology, without proper blood sugar stabilization you may […]

Frozen Shoulder: Is There A Blood Sugar Connection ?

Here are the facts: Non-Mechanical (not from trauma) of frozen shoulder –  2 to 4 times higher in Diabetes than in general population –  common in Type I/II Diabetes, increasing with age and duration of Diabetes – the prevalence of Diabetes in clients with frozen shoulder is 76% Possible causes of the frozen shoulder are […]


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Type II Diabetes: 1 Out of Every 3 Americans By 2050

What’s wrong with this picture?  We have the most resources, doctors, education and finances than any country on the planet.  Yet we are one of the sickest places to live.  Here’s some side effects (direct effects really, the side effect moniker is just a spin for4 the mentally feeble!) of a current Diabetic drug Victoza.  […]