Does Crime Pay? You Decide.

Recently GlaxoSmithKline, the international pharmaceutical giant pleaded guilty to alleged criminal activities and agreed to resolve civil issues “including promotion of certain prescription drugs, its failure to report certain safety data and its civil liability for alleged false price reporting practices.” The drugs involved were Paxil, Wellbutrin, Avandia, Advair, Lamictal and Zofrann.   Various serious breaches […]

Calcium Mal-Absorption As A Side Effect Of Acid Suppressants

A person may have a history of indigestion, acid reflux or ulcers and then is given a proton pump inhibitor (Prilosec, Protonix & Prevacid).  In May, the FDA after reviewing studies of PPI’s, issued a warning of the significant side effects of PPI’s: increased risk of hip, wrist and spine fractures with high doses or […]

Meta Analysis of Statin Drugs reveals "No Benefit On All – Cause Mortality"

In a recent meta-analysis  of 11 studies on statin drugs (cholesterol lowering) involving 65,229 men and women yielding approximately 244,000 person years of follow up and 2,793 deaths, statin drugs were observed to be of no benefit (3.7 years of use of the statin drug) in reducing mortality, even in the high risk primary prevention population. […]

G.M.O: Friend or Foe?

Genetically modified foods came about in the early 90’s.  Interestingly enough that was when I noticed in my practice that peoples health problems began to accelerate.  These altered crops promised to be: -higher yielding -feed the hungry -require less water, resistant to drought -added vitamins to yield more nutrition -resistant to pests -no different from […]