Why Should I Practice Healthy Choices in My 6 Essentials (eat, drink, breathe, exercise, sleep, think)

Here is a short list 1.  Your mind matters: Clear it out and quicken your mind. 2.  Balance your emotions and moods: Resistance to life’s lessons is futile! 3.  Chronic aches and pains seem to vanish miraculously: There is no cure for healing, choose healthy habits and healing occurs on its own! 4.  Hereditary, disease […]

G.M.O: Friend or Foe?

Genetically modified foods came about in the early 90’s.  Interestingly enough that was when I noticed in my practice that peoples health problems began to accelerate.  These altered crops promised to be: -higher yielding -feed the hungry -require less water, resistant to drought -added vitamins to yield more nutrition -resistant to pests -no different from […]

It’s All About Your 6 Essential Choices

It matters not what we’re taking about, whether it’s an acute infection, a chronic unresolved injury, a metabolic syndrome (cardiovascular-II Diabetes), hormonal imbalances ( thyroid function, Cancer) or auto-immune (Hashimoto’s Disease, Arthritis): Its all about our habits.  Our habits create our physiology  (Epigenetics-Dr. Bruce Lipton). Our physiology may be pleasant or unpleasant , yet it […]

Epigenetics: How Your Choices Affect Your Genetic Expression

To put it in a nutshell, we all have inherited genetic strengths and weaknesses.  However all to often in the office I hear from clients “it’s in my genes”, my mother, father, sister, aunt had x,y,and z so the default through inadequate knowledge and faulty logic is that they are just powerless victims of their […]