Why Should I Practice Healthy Choices in My 6 Essentials (eat, drink, breathe, exercise, sleep, think)

Here is a short list 1.  Your mind matters: Clear it out and quicken your mind. 2.  Balance your emotions and moods: Resistance to life’s lessons is futile! 3.  Chronic aches and pains seem to vanish miraculously: There is no cure for healing, choose healthy habits and healing occurs on its own! 4.  Hereditary, disease […]

It’s All About Your 6 Essential Choices

It matters not what we’re taking about, whether it’s an acute infection, a chronic unresolved injury, a metabolic syndrome (cardiovascular-II Diabetes), hormonal imbalances ( thyroid function, Cancer) or auto-immune (Hashimoto’s Disease, Arthritis): Its all about our habits.  Our habits create our physiology  (Epigenetics-Dr. Bruce Lipton). Our physiology may be pleasant or unpleasant , yet it […]

Epigenetics: How Your Choices Affect Your Genetic Expression

To put it in a nutshell, we all have inherited genetic strengths and weaknesses.  However all to often in the office I hear from clients “it’s in my genes”, my mother, father, sister, aunt had x,y,and z so the default through inadequate knowledge and faulty logic is that they are just powerless victims of their […]

Tips for Healthy Living, No Matter What Your Age!

There are an estimated 4.2 million people in the US 85 years or older, an estimated 40,000 of them living to reach 100. Census projections predict 1 million Americans will celebrate their 100th birthday by 2050. Evidence suggests good genes are only a small part of the longevity experience. Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of “The […]