Why Should I Practice Healthy Choices in My 6 Essentials (eat, drink, breathe, exercise, sleep, think)

Here is a short list

1.  Your mind matters: Clear it out and quicken your mind.

2.  Balance your emotions and moods: Resistance to life’s lessons is futile!

3.  Chronic aches and pains seem to vanish miraculously: There is no cure for healing, choose healthy habits and healing occurs on its own!

4.  Hereditary, disease causing genes do not get turned on: See Bruce Lipton-Epigenetics.

5.  Reduction of inflammation: = Quicker recovery & health

6.  Improved immunity to “contagious diseases.”

7.  Improved longevity and reduction of the likelihood of medication (therapeutic and recreational drugs).

8.  Increased sense of self esteem, wellness and confidence.

9.  Improved elimination: Smelling better

10.  I’m more fun to be around when I feel good.

11.  Improved likelihood of success and abundance in career and relationships.

12.  Increased abililty to be present to others, self and the divine.

13.  Less reactive, more proactive, more intentional.

14.  Increases my openness to venture into new ideas, behaviors and endeavours instead of the same old same old.

15.  I become a mentor, role model, example and coach, silently inspiring others.

16.  Connects me with other strongly motivated, attentive, i, high valued individuals.

These are just a few of my notices.  What are yours?  Start today and begin to notice the difference a well-educated choice can make!

In Health & Service,

Dr. Roland F. Phillips Jr., BA, BS, DC