Your Blood Sugar and Your Health

If there is one consistent factor we find in our clinic and many others like ours upon symptom questionnaire and diagnostic testing it is Blood Sugar Imbalance. It is all too pervasive in our society, regardless of what you are aware of as far as your current symptomology, without proper blood sugar stabilization you may […]

90 Day Weight Loss Challenge!

1.  2 shakes per day as meal replacements You can order them here : 2.  Restrict carbs, sugar and wheat 3.  30/60 min of daily exercise – depending on your fitness level walking may be the best exercise 4.  Increase water consumption to 1 gallon per day – reverse osmosis 5.  1 regular meal per […]

Are You at Risk for Fibromyalgia?

According to Vasselsen, Nilsen and Associates from the Norwegian Hunt Study there is an association between physical exercise, body mass index ( % of body far v lean muscle mass) and the risk of Fibromyalgia.  I would add heart disease, stroke, type II diabetes, arthritis, auto immune disease, etc.  The study found that women who […]