Exercise and The Immune System

Multiple studies support that exercise in the Moderate Zone will modulate up the immune system.  Changes in musculo-skeletal, respiratory, cholesterol and blood pressure all indicate moderate exercise has a beneficial effect on our bodies.

What recent studies now suggest is that to increase exercise will increase the risk of upper respiratory infection by suppression of the immune/adrenal axis.  What we also need to take into consideration is our emotional/mental responses to work, family, finances, relatives, etc.  If we go from the fire to the frying pan in different areas of our lives, it may not be a good time to hit the exercise hard this week.

Monitoring Urine & Saliva pH, resting heart rate and portable heart rate variability all can give me true body feedback on my intensity and endurance for today’s exercise.

Recovery is extremely important to training, so here’s a short list to increase recovery.

M-Power March

Abdominal Breathing

Veggie Smoothies

Alka Green

Trace Minerals

Alka Slim

Cardio Plus

Green to Go

Partner Assisted Stretching

Increased Hydration

In Health & Service,

Dr. Roland Phillips