What Type Of Plastic Bottles Should I Drink?

There are a various 11,000 + (by today’s count) chemicals, therapeutic and recreational drugs, pollutants etc. in the environment that create numerous problems and degeneration in our bodies.  These compounds are known as endocrine disruptors. 

If you can taste plastic in a cup or water bottle-find a new one!  In certain types of plastic, chemicals can leach into the water.

To make sure you are not creating a hormonal time-bomb check the recycling symbol on your water bottle/plastic drinkware.

#2 (high density polyethylene), #4 (low density polyethylene) and #5 (polypropylene) are ok. 

#1, the type sold in most stores are good for one use, do not re-use these.  It would be more healthy to use a reusable h20 bottle and fill it with your own filtered water. 

#7 recycling symbol may leach Bisphenol A (BPA is a xeno-estrogen- it acts like estrogen in the body) which is a known estrogenic endocrine disruptor.

For more information on endocrine disruption see “Environmental Health Perspectives Journal”, “Current Biology” by Patricia Hunt and “Bisphenol A Exposure Causes Meiotic Anueploidy in Female Mouse”.

In Health & Service,

Dr. Roland F. Phillips Jr., BA, BS, DC