5 Steps To A Healthier And Happier You

1.  Take Charge Of Your Diet:

The leading cause of death in the United States is heart disease.  A whopping 26% of all deaths.  The next is cancer.  Scientific studies tell us that to increase all forms of vegetables and fruits will increase our natural immunity, physiology towards health and alkalization.

2. Engage Your Body

Physical activity promotes a healthy, lean, muscular body and studies have now proven that regular exercise also has a causal role on how long and well we can live!  Qi Sun & collegues from Harvard School of Public Health looked at data from 13,535 participants where female nurses reported physcial activity level.  The team found that women who lived to 70 (10 + years after the study began) had higher levels of physical activity and were less likely to have chronic diseases- heart, physical, cognitive or mental imparements.  So find some activity you enjoy and just do it!

3.  Decrease Inflammation

Acute inflammation is a protective mechanism of the body.  Chronic inflammation is a stuck system which leads to the top 60+ diseases in the United States.  The #1 cause of acidosis and related inflammation is toxic negative thinking, the #2 cause is acidic eating.  Abdominal Breathing, EmPower March, Journaling, Forgiveness, other forms of meditative activities (yoga, praying, singing, etc.) all have profound effects on the brain, body-mind connection, neurology and hormones which will shut down the inflammatory cascade.

4.  Brain Plasticity

Science now tells us that when we choose different ways of thinking and behaving our brain literally rewires (disconnects from the old pattern).  Studies at Brandeis University in Massachusets showed increasing mental activity (reading, writing, cross-word puzzles etc) whether an individual has a higher or lower education, increased memory tests.

5.  Improve Your Intimate Relationships

We are relational beings and the deeper we grow together  the healthier we feel!  In a survey of 3,000 men and women ages 57 to 85 years, researchers at the University of Chicago learned that seniors who maintained strong/functioning sexual and intimate relationships generally have better health and well being!

So in the words of B.E.S.T. founder and developer Dr. MT Morter Jr.  Love them more, expect nothing in return and health, happiness and success is sure to follow!

In Health & Service,

Dr. Roland Phillips BA, BS, D.C.