Sleep Improvement With Tart Cherry Juice

A study at The University of Pennsylvania, The University of Rochester and the VA Centers of Canandaigua was reported in the Journal of Medicinal Food June 2010.  Adults with insomnia drank cherry juice once in the morning and once in the afternoon over a two week period.  A placebo group drank a comparable drink without cherry juice.  There was a noticeable improvement of relief of insomnia and less time spent lying awake after going to bed.

Researchers stated that tart cherries have a higher content of melatonin, the neurotransmitter that regulates bio-rhythms for sleep, as the main factor for improvement of sleep.  Tart cherries are also known to reduce hypertension and contain a type of antioxidant called anthocyanins. 

In the words of Hippocrates ” Let Food (not drugs) Be Your Medicine.”

In Health & Service,

Dr. Roland Phillips