Here’s Your Sign!

People often come in my office and report “Doc I’m stressed out!”  Listening with compassion I often respond, there’s no such thing as “stressed out”, in reality it is truly “what are you resisting in your life.”  Whats the lesson of the moment that I am just not getting? For if I don’t get the […]

Sleep Improvement With Tart Cherry Juice

A study at The University of Pennsylvania, The University of Rochester and the VA Centers of Canandaigua was reported in the Journal of Medicinal Food June 2010.  Adults with insomnia drank cherry juice once in the morning and once in the afternoon over a two week period.  A placebo group drank a comparable drink without […]

Are You B-Vitamin Deficient ?

The B- vitamins are a complex group of specific nutrients that are needed as a combination for us to be healthy.  Certain groups within the population are extremely vulnerable to B-vitamin deficiencies. 1.  People over 65 loose B12, as their digestion decreases with age (think Alka Pan, Super Digest and Food Combining). 2.  Vegetarians can […]