Here’s Your Sign!

People often come in my office and report “Doc I’m stressed out!”  Listening with compassion I often respond, there’s no such thing as “stressed out”, in reality it is truly “what are you resisting in your life.”  Whats the lesson of the moment that I am just not getting? For if I don’t get the […]

Resistance: The Only True Cause of Dis-ease

Dale Carnegie wrote ” I find that 50% of my worries vanish once I arrive at a clear, definite decision; and another 40% usually vanish once I start to carry out that decision.” There is a part of our being that is very narcissistic.  This primordial self-centeredness is passed on from generation to generation and […]

It’s Just Stress!

Seriously? It’s not just stress, it’s how I interpret and respond to life!  And if I am constantly in a tug of war within myself, others, kids, spouse, friends, traffic, the economy, the government, etc., I’m forever missing the mark.  The truth of the matter is, it’s not stress “out there” but an inner resistance […]

Forgiveness is a Health Issue

What we have found in our office and in offices around the world is that it is how I respond to life, when it doesn’t go expected, that can be the key to a healthy, happy life. We have our clients review the day before going to sleep at night. Ferret out instances where I […]