Can Sleeping Better Help You Loose Weight & Heal Deeper?

In the last few years there have been a number of studies that implicate poor sleep in many disease states: type II diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and impaired immune function.  What is interesting is that sleep is one of our 6 Essential Choices, which can be highly affected when we create SEMO (Sub-Conscious Emotional Memory Override).  In this state we over balance into the sympathetic portion of the neuro-hormonal axis, creating fight/flight physiology.  This is counter productive to rest, recovery, detoxification and rebuilding.

At the University of Chicago, Van Cauter et al, in the course of 4 studies demonstrated that sleep depravation, night after night, creates a hormonal release stimulating appetites to rise.  There was a 24% increase in appetite for junk food (bread, pasta, chips, cookies, pizza, cake, etc.).  This is not surprising since fight/flight physiology is dependant upon quick energy release.  They not only found the appetite for junk food increased but their bodies did not process glucose efficiently.  As glucose builds up in the blood the body secretes more insulin to bring the sugar into the cells.  As this cycle continues, the cell walls become RESISTANT to insulin.  Thus the glucose can not get into the cell effectively and begins to create the symptoms associated with type II diabetes.  Excess insulin is also a signal to the body to store fat. 

Also of note, is that with sleep depravation the stress hormone cortisol begins to increase in the evening; along with a double spike of growth hormone.  The researchers beleive these are other factors which affect insulin metabolism negatively.  Van Cauter states that after prolongued sleep deprivation we loose the ability to tell when we need sleep.  There are many more functions that can become altered.

The key is awareness.  Become aware of your 6 Essential Choices and begin to change.  Willingness to change, learning and growing are the hallmarks of a healthy human being.

Here’s some clues:

1.  Most experts agree (both current and past) that being in bed by 10 pm is a good target.

2.  Keep light and electronics out of or at a minumum (turn off if possible) in your bedroom. 

3.  If you of your spouse snores: consider breathe right nasal strips

4.  Change your diet: keep evening meals to light protein and veggies.  Skip the junk, dairy & wheat that create congestion.

5.  Cut back on Alcohol

6.  Get exercise during the day

7.  Get a Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.) treatment minimum once a month to create a well balced energy field and autonomic nervous system.

In Health & Service,

Dr. Roland F. Phillips Jr., B