Low Iodine Intake: Is It Affecting Your Health?

According to the National Health & Nutrition Survey, human iodine levels are at a 50% decline from 1971 to 2000. Here is the top contributing factors according to Teresa Dale PhD, CCN. 1. Low to no ocean fish and sea vegetable intake 2. Table salt which is iodine inadequate instead of sea salt 3. Inadequate […]

The Top 14 Things You Need To Know About Weight Loss

1.  Under Eating & Skipping Meals The adrenal hormone cortisol is stimulated which decreases thyroid function (sluggish metabolism) and  increases abdominal weight gain. 2.  Overeating Sugar in all forms Increases insulin which leads to weight gain. 3.  Estrogenic Foods (non-organic) Estrogenic hormones in the meat decrease thyroid function and other glands which leads to sluggish […]