Children and Drugs: The By-Product of Allopathic Conditioning

We are now living in a society that has been lobbied and hypnotized by the pharmaceutical companies that health or lack of symptoms are a result of pills and procedures that are external to you as a being. This is an outside/in perspective which leads to dependency on some outside source (medicine, government, church, drugs, […]

Creating A Life That You Desire Using BEST

The difference between what we do in a BEST office and what is done in an allopathic model primarily is that in BEST we are a coach and a teacher and the technique is secondary. BEST is a quantum technique (look for an explanation towards the end of this blog.) In contrast when we talk […]

Chiropractic: Much More Effective Than Allopathic Medicine For Back Pain

Recent studies indicate low back pain is the #8 reason people seek medical intervention: Chiropractic is much more cost effective than Allopathic disease care.  Here’s a short list of studies on the cost effectiveness of Chiropractic care and back pain. 2004  –  Legorretta et al:  1.7 million insured patients Chiropractic care reduced cost of care […]