How to Kick the Sugar Addiction

When we do symptom surveys in the office one of the most causes of health concerns is the over consumption of white flour, white rice and sugar.  There are over 150 negative side effects that can be attributed to refined sugar.  From lowered immunity to Diabetes to obesity and chronic inflammation.  The #1 thing you can do to become healthier is decrease then eliminate processed sugar totally!! Not only does refined sugar give us insulin spikes, which results in hypo (low) glycemia (blood sugar), after years of insulin insult, receptor sites on the cell wall become resistant, almost calloused to insulin.  So sugar can no longer get into the cell, leading to Hyperglycemia or Type II Diabetes.

Here’s a brief way to begin to gradually kick the habit.

1.  Reduce your sugar intake consciously. Ask yourself before you eat something “is there sugar in this” and “how much”

2.  Keep a journal of when you crave sugar or feel tired and address this issue with a B.E.S.T. practitioner (

3.  Make substitutes – for example, brown rice instead of white rice or Stevia instead of sugar.

4.  Keep healthy snacks readily available: Veggies, fruits, peanut butter (unsweetened), almond butter, etc. Get creative for your specific tastes!

5.  Dilute your coffee and fruit juice.

6.  Make your own lemonade: Stevia and fresh squeezed lemons.

7.  Avoid the center isles of the grocery store: All the processed foods are here.  Stick to the perimeter where the whole foods tend to be.

8.  Do not go to the store hungry or with hungry children.

9.  Do not become over zealous about sugar reduction.  Share the positive benefits and substitutes to get agreement by all and make it fun!

10.  Create a balanced diet, supplements and mindset with your B.E.S.T. Practitioner.

11.  Use oral spray Liv Skinny Mist: Try it and you will understand why.

12.  Most Important! If you are truly willing, every time you get a sugar craving realize: it is a memory pattern in your mind/soul!  To truly heal I must change the pattern to unlock the power to heal.

A.  1st breath deeply into the abdomen 2-3-4-5 times, each time picturing the most happy, joy filled, blissful experience of your life.  Do this until the craving passes and you feel different.

B.  While in that picture/feeling/mindset, tap on your sternum and make a positive affirmation.

i.e. “I am grateful & thankful for abundant health, happiness and success in my life”

i.e.  ” I am a being of infinite love, joy and happiness”

i.e. ” I am divinely loved and safe. I am whole”

Get creative and come up with an affirmation that really feels right for you!! :)

In Health & Service,

Dr. Roland F. Philips