Foods to Avoid for Those with Chronic Pains*

Potatoes the common potato sources include baked, mashed, scalloped, chips, fries, knishes, pierogies, plus potato water in breads, biscuts, matzo, soups and stews and vodka.  Beware that potato is also included in these ingrediants: hydrolyzed vegetable protein, modified vegetable protein (MVP), or modified food starch hidden in packaged meats, cold cuts and seafoods and other […]

Nutrition Basics – What to Work on Daily

Reduce refined foods until there are no more in the house, then do not re-stock. Refined: anything processed, white, “enriched,” etc. Increase organic fruits and veggies, whole grains. Decrease anything that comes from animals to one meal a day. Not simply meat or beef but fowl and fish: if it had a face it’s an […]