Anti-Biotics and Digestive Disturbances

Dr. John Redman Coxe, 1773-1864, wrote that “The longer I live, the less confidence I have in drugs and the greater my confidence in the regulation and administration of diet and regimen.”  Sounds like a wise man. Its all about our 6 Essentials.

From the American Journal of Gastro-enterology, Oct. 12, 2010, Shaw, et al : Children with diagnosed irritable bowel disease, constipation and diarrhea in childhood were significantly more likely to have received antibiotics  (much worse if more than 1 regimen) compared with disease free controls.  58% of antibiotics usage with IBD as compared with 39% without antibiotic usage.

What’s even more disturbing is that there will be a high correlation in adulthood, once intestinal flora and the digestive system are interfered with.  Ulcers, bleeding, cramping, anemia and weight loss all may follow; along with various autoimmune problems due to leaky gut syndrome and altered immune responses which can be as far reaching as moods, brain function and neurotransmitter imbalance.

So before you go and slap some antibiotics on your young precious child:

1.  Start to look at habits- i.e. dairy, wheat, and other allergens (especially if nursing).

2.  Children express what parents repress! Get cleared emotionally so you can be fully present to nurture and parent your loved ones.

3.  Get your child balanced with B.E.S.T.: In 30 years of clinical practice I am amazed at what a clear energy field-mind-body can do.

4.  Consider Alkalizing with:  Alka Green, Green20, Trace Minerals, Alkadolphilus or pro-biotic.

Cherish your children by acting in wisdom not naivete and ignorance!

In Health & Service,

Dr. Roland Phillips Jr., BA BS DC