Go Fish!

We’re all familiar with multiple studies that demonstrate how fish or fish oil, as a regular part of our diet, can reduce the chance of dying from heart disease by one third.  Other research studies have linked fish consumption to lowered levels of strokes, depression, Alzheimer’s and many other chronic conditions.

Most recently a December 2009 study reported that consumption of long chain omega 3 fatty acids found primarily in fish and seafood may help prevent colon & rectal cancer. 

There are lists of acceptable, endangered and possibly polluted fish.  Here is a short list:


Arctic Char              Mackerel             Sardines

Barramundi              Mullett               Squid

Pacific Halibut         Muscles             Trout

Herring                    Oysters              Blue Whiting

Jelly Fish                 Pollock               Haddock

Octopus                  Sabel Fish            Rock Fish

Snapper                   Stripped Bass

Endangered List

Bluefin Tuna            Grouper             Tile Fish

Chilean Sea Bass     Atlantic Halibut  Atlantic Sole

Atlantic Cod           Monk Fish           Dog Fish

Orange Roughy       Flounder             Shark


Sometimes, Depends ( may contain contaminants or involve damage to environment by fishing/farming)

Abalone- if farmed, not poached

Anchovy- best bet from canary in Bay of Biscay

Catfish- best if channel catfish, can be farmed (and hormones added)

Clams- may contian contaminants, check locally

Crabs- again bottom feeder and can be overfished

Lobster- bottom feeder, (toxic contaminants)

Mahi Mahi- Opah, a species of Mahi Mahi can have mercury contaminant

Salmon- When farmed is fed estrogen derivatives to fatten. Organic and wild caught are more favorable to industrial raised

Shrimp- if farmed can have high antibiotic levels

Swordfish- can have very high levels of mercury

Tilapia- raised in Asia, which can be treated with antibiotics, pesticides, carbon monoxide and methyl testosterone

Tuna- canned Albacore can have high levels of mercury, Light tuna is a safer choice

In Health & Service,

Dr. Roland Phillips BA, BS, D.C.