Do My Feelings Really Matter?

One of the greatest determinants of health or disease in a person is their attitude about themselves, others and life.  When I say attitude I mean their subconscious beliefs.  These are programmed between 0-7 yrs of age and may not be very accurate, yet become the baseline for evaluating ourselves, others and life without questioning their accuracy or validity.

A person can exude a persona or mask of wealth, bravado, accomplishment, intellect or a number of false displays.  Yet it is what their body displays that can be the true parameter of whats really going on inside, running the show and grounding the ship on the rocks of self sabotage.

Science tells us how various feelings can trigger muscle tension, high blood pressure, increased heart rate, sweating, increased/decreased digestion and variations in all metabolic processes, i.e. blood sugar, hormones & immunity.  And that these physiologic changes are stored in memory along with the actual event that produced the feeling.  If the experience is not learned from and viewed from a higher perspective it can be triggered over and over again (through the senses) facilitating a quicker response by the body and leading to some system getting exhausted.  We then call that a symptom or a disease.  In B.E.S.T. we call this SEMO: Subconscious Emotional Memory Override.

More over, we know that our bodies generate and are surrounded by energy fields.  Research has shown how thoughts interact with energy fields, which validates the Law of Attraction.  Intense or prolonged positive or negative emotions create and attract similar vibrations; persons, places, circumstances or events.  So we can see, regardless of what life “brings us” it’s how we respond that sets the stage for our life experience.

In Health & Service,

Dr. Roland Phillips BA, BS, D.C.