Did You Know That Music Can Make a Difference in Your Health?

Research by Costas Karageonghis PHD, a sports psychology expert at London’s Brunel university School of Sport and Education, has shown music has unique effects on athletic performance in 3 distinct ways.

1.  It increases our desire toward movement rather than to sit still.

2.  Music encourages us to synchronize our movement with a beat.

3.  It can distract our minds from the temporary discomfort of exercise.

The research also suggests that music can increase physical endurance by 15% !

Remember before and after exercise to do the Morter March (google or youtube it) to warmup and prepare for exercise and to warm down and decompress from exercise.

We recommend people follow the 180-your age rule for target heart rate and aerobic conditioning.   If your age is 30, 180-30=150 is your target heart rate.  So 150 hbp/min is the maximum heart rate that would lead to aerobic fitness, weight loss and overall conditioning.


In Health & Service,

Dr. Roland F. Phillips Jr., BA, BS, D.C.