Did You Know That Music Can Make a Difference in Your Health?

Research by Costas Karageonghis PHD, a sports psychology expert at London’s Brunel university School of Sport and Education, has shown music has unique effects on athletic performance in 3 distinct ways. 1.  It increases our desire toward movement rather than to sit still. 2.  Music encourages us to synchronize our movement with a beat. 3.  […]

Fall Prevention: A B.E.S.T. Approach

Unsteady gait and falls present a great problem to the growing elderly population. Spinal, hip, and extremity fractures account for a majority of emergency room visits for the population above the age of 65. Dr. Michael Rodgers, Phd, CSCS, FACSM professor in the department of human performance and research director at the Center for Physical […]